Driver Information / Payout

Madison International Speedway

2014 Point System

Feature:  1st- 100, 2nd- 93, 3rd- 87, 4th- 82, 5th- 78, 6th- 75, 7th- 72, 8th- 69, 9th- 66, 10th- 63, 11th- 60, 12th- 58, 13th- 56, 14th- 54, 15th- 52, 16th- 50, 17th- 48, 18th- 46, 19th- 44, 20th- 42, 21st- 40, 22nd- 38, 23rd- 36, 24th- 34, 25th- 32, 26th- 30,

27th- 28, 28th- 26

(Non-Transferring Cars):  22 points subtract 1 point for each position)

Bonus Point:  1 point to each car that leads at least one lap in the feature

Qualifying: (All Divisions) 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,all others 1

Heat Races:  10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,all others 1


2014 Payout

Stay tuned for the details.

Rookie of the Year Eligibility at MIS

To be eligible for Rookie status at MIS a driver must meet the following criteria: 

  • Has not raced more than five times previously in the division at MIS or raced in a higher division at MIS
  • Has not raced more than five times in a similar or higher division at another track
  • Management reserves the right to make the final determination regarding rookie status. 

Team Driving at Madison International Speedway

Team driving is permitted at Madison International Speedway in the Sportsman, Bandits, and Legends divisions only.  Teams consist of two drivers and each driver must compete in at least three races if the division is scheduled for fewer than ten dates or four races if the division is scheduled for more than ten events.  Drivers must declare their intention to run as a team prior to the first race.

Note:  Team drivers may not compete in the same division on the same night.  If Team Driver A is running the team car then Team Driver B cannot be in the same race on the same night with a different car.

    Driver Information Form

    Click here for the Driver Information Form. It is required before accessing the track. 

    2014 Membership Forms / Pit Stall Reservations

    Please fill out the form  in order to become a member in 2014 and be eligible for the point fund and receive discounted pit passes.  Click here for membership / pit stall form.