Official Track Photographer


TJ Harron Photography is the 2014 Official Photographer of Madison International Speedway. Additional photographers may be on location during travelling series or to cover individual events or teams but TJ will be on hand during every event covering every lap. 

Photographs are available for retail purchase at the Kid's Club Merchandise store and at TJHARRON.COM


The ‘Season Pass Discount Program’ provides:

  • Free Downloads of all your team's images
  • Free Fan Card Design
  • Discounted Pricing on Prints and Merchandise
  • No Watermarks!

The 2014 Season Pass Gallery is secured via a password. Once a Season Pass Team Membership is purchased, I will add all the photos that spotlight your car during 2014 in your personal Season Pass gallery. 

A CD or DVD of your images is available for $25 for Season Pass members. 

Example of Pricing Discounts

(Regular Price /Season Pass Price):

  • 4x6 Print ($4.95 / $1.45)
  • 5×7 Print ($7.95 / $3.95)
  • 8×10 Print ($14.95 / $6.95)
  • 8X12 Print ($15.95 / $7.95)
  • 12×18 Print ($24.95 / $17.95)
  • 13x19 Print from TJ's Studio ($25 / $30)
  • 24x36 Print from TJ's Studio ($45 / $50)
  • Fan Card Graphic Design ($30 / FREE)

Personal Licensed Downloads: 

  • 4 Mbit Image for Personal Use ($9.95/FREE)
  • Full Resolution for Personal Use ($19.95/$1.00)

ORDER Season Pass Discount Program:

Single Car Team Season Pass cost is $100.00. 

Historic Photos

Madison International Speedway has been blessed with talented photographers taking images of the special moments that have occured over the long history of the track. 

Click on the links below to view Historic Images from Madison International Speedway.